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My "art" consists of whatever I feel like drawing and very little else is requested and other.

I DO take requests and commissions IF you can follow these simple rules.And NOTE ME if you have one,DO NOT comment me about it.Please and thank you.
Don't like my rules,then I'm not the right person to ask.Sorry,that's my policy.

1.) NO Nudity!!
2.) NO Pornography and Sexual themes!!
3.) NO Yoai or Yuri or Incest!!
4.) NO Drugs and/or Alcohol references or involved in the art piece
5.) NO unnecessary critiquing unless asked of (cause if you don't like it and something[s] is or are off,I'm not like those professional Deviant Artists ok? I am aware I still need ALOT of practice and classes)!!
6.) NO strangling,depressing,death,age degrade or evil,demonic pictures!!
7.) NO comic or writing requests.I no longer take those requests!!

There is more,but if you don't know what I mean,CHECK OUT MY GALLERY! ^^;

Also,please do not ask me to do anything a little out of my reach as you know I can only draw humans and VERY FEW animals (wolves-ish and horses and orcas).Also I can't do mecha or any kind of other things as I am very much a beginner and I honestly hope to be able to draw better humans and more! And all I ask from you is what is needed like details and especially your patience.I am busy as you may be as well.Thank you very much!

I only take one request per person.If you want more than one,you'll have to pay me.Also it's for my friends that I do more than one.

Thank you!

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Aria Briar
United States
I don't have much to say about myself.Hmm...where to start.Well,I like many things.I only know how to draw anime since I don't know any other style.I LOVE CARS (not the Disney movie) and motorcycles.I'm half tomboy,half girly.I do love to play hardcore games...pending on the game type.I hate pink,even though my fave princess is Aurora (oh the irony~<3).I don't support many things this World "believes" is ok,when it's really not.Anyway,I honestly don't know what career to pursue,however I hope to learn ballet (not become prima,but to exceed on pointe).I love to write stories and I have quite a few of them.I draw whenever I'm inspired or feel like it.I don't like anime as I used to however,I'm watching alot of old school/oldish anime such as: Gundam Wing,Eden of The East,Black Cat,D.N.Angel,Wolf's Rain,Darker Than Black,Outlaw Star etc.Maybe even some new ones too.

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hey guysJunko Enoshima (Waving) [V4] 

So a little random fandom quickie.

So lately I've still been in an AOT (Attack On Titan) mood.Why? Idk.

Maybe it's because I read AoT recently?

Maybe it's because Levi heichou is invading my mind!! Shouta Kazehaya (Blushing all over) [V1]  lol

Well it's kind of the 2nd one,but there's a story to go with it.Like I've been thinking about a mini-sode with Aria and Levi and the other is a "music video",I guess you can say.
Fangirl much?Yuuta Togashi (Shy Blush) [V1]  Yes,I know,but it happens.It's always fleeting.

So far I made 2 drawings of the two (Aria and Levi) and I recently made another and I'm gonna make yet another so that's gonna be 4 total.It's the most I've made on one character crossover.Which is rare.

The most was Miles EdgeworthReiji Mitsurugi (Bow) [V2] (from the Ace Attorney game series) with 2 drawings,but LeviLevi Rivaille (Opinion) [V3]  broke the record with the additional 2 (one being made soon) and as I said before it has to do with the title.
I was inspired by this song and the choreography from this movie called Step Up 3--> 
When I first heard saw this I thought it was cool and I loved the song.Years later when I revisited this song I envisioned Aria doing the tango but I didn't know with who at the time.Well Kitan was first choice,but due to the meaning of the lyrics (though it didn't really matter,still doesn't),suddenly Levi popped into my head.Why? Idk =A= it just happened.

Well in the pic,they're both wearing masks (like in the video clip which is NOT where I go the idea from) and for some reason Levi is wearing black gloves...O.o don't ask.I want to do a tango pic of the two,but I didn't want to draw anything typical (though I understand as to why otherwise the audience wouldn't know right away unless you said something),dramatic (that didn't fit Levi's character [even though the idea of dancing doesn't fit him,at all XD lol]) or too sensual (like the leg lift,leg in between and other stuff).So I have an idea,but it's going to be a bit difficult since I have little reference(from the movie clip).If it comes down to it,I'll just use a typical pose.

Anyway,yay for that randomness and I hope you'll like when you get the chance to see it.
Oh yes and the mini-sode of Levi and Aria will be written soon,but even though I will write it,Levi's character will be ruined since I feel like I don't know his character well.Either way,it will be done TTwTT lol

Here's the full song-->

Nightys (before my headache gets worse...ugh,my sister's fault for making me walk in the hot hot heatChili Anime Emoji (Sho warm and hot) [V3] So pissed...oh well,we got to see Jurassic World after.

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