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My "art" consists of whatever I feel like drawing and very little else is requested and other.

I DO take requests and commissions,however,I DO NOT do yaoi,yuri,shojou/shonen-ai.Even hentai or anything mature.Don't know what I mean,check out my gallery :3
I only do none of those.

And NOTE ME if you have one,DO NOT comment me about it.Please and thank you.
Also I only take one request per person.If you want more than one,you'll have to pay me.Also it's for my friends that I do more than one.

Thank you!

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Aria Briar
United States
I don't have much to say about myself.Hmm...where to start.Well,I like many things.I only know how to draw anime since I don't know any other style.I LOVE CARS (not the Disney movie) and motorcycles.I'm half tomboy,half girly.I do love to play hardcore games...pending on the game type.I hate pink,even though my fave princess is Aurora (oh the irony~<3).I don't support many things this World "believes" is ok,when it's really not.Anyway,I honestly don't know what career to pursue,however I hope to learn ballet (not become prima,but to exceed on pointe).I love to write stories and I have quite a few of them.I draw whenever I'm inspired or feel like it.I don't like anime as I used to however,I'm watching alot of old school/oldish anime such as: Gundam Wing,Eden of The East,Black Cat,D.N.Angel,Wolf's Rain,Darker Than Black,Outlaw Star etc.Maybe even some new ones too.

Likes: -Drawing
-Reading (Maximum Ride series and Daniel X anything with good characters and solid,captivating storyline)
-Very few kiddie movies (pending)
-Action/adventure movies
-Orcas (aka Killer Whales)
-Praying Mantis
-Steampunk,Victorian era and 50's/60's fashion
-Celtic (instrumental) Music
-Smooth Jazz
-Swing (and various 50's songs)

Dislikes: -Doing Work/Homework
-Being bored
-Roleplaying (except with 1)
-Musicals (pending)
-Horror Movies (Resident Evil is not "that" scary)
-Raunchy movies
-Anime (not as much anymore,proud of it too)
-90's and today's fashion
-Any color that's too girly

That's all for now.Don't like what I say,please keep it yourself.Thanks.

I did these quizzes at random (cause I was bored [mostly] and curious),but with each quiz I answer HONESTLY (even though some results don't add up to me).

That too...; w ;
What Animal Are You?
What Animal Are You?
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WHAAAATT?!?! But I don't like her ; w ; (well,not entirely anyway.She is pretty darn cool)
Which Attack On Titan Character Are You?
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I don't like pokemon,but I was happy to get my only fave pokemon in all of Pokémon! <3
What Legendary Pokemon Are You?
What Legendary Pokemon Are You?
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Yeah that's right! >n>
What Element Of Harmony Are You?
What Element Of Harmony Are You?
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Of all the colors =w= why?! XD
What Is Your Anime Eye Color?
What Is Your Anime Eye Color?
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Well,whattya know ^^
What Element Fits You Best?
What Element Fits You Best?
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Yey! >w< My fave character!! besides Rainbow Dash :3 but is so true.
My Little Pony Personality Test!
My Little Pony Personality Test!
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MY FAVORITE COOKIE!! <33 >w< I..kinda want some right now 0w0
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What Type Of Cookie Are You?
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Yeah,that's pretty much like me :3
What Type Of Music Are You?
What Type Of Music Are You?
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Omigosh! I LOVE Bumblebee <33 ; w ; He is my dream car 0n0
What Autobot Are You?
What Autobot Are You?
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  • Mood: Artistic
  • Watching: Spirit:Stallion of the Cimarron
Hey everyone Sorry 

So as I'm watching one of my fave movies that I would NOT get over watching is Spirit: Stallion of the CimarronSpirit3 

what can I say? I do love horses(and wolves,orcas,foxes,swans and tigers).
Anyway,as I'm watching this (and it's almost over),it got me thinking about my O.C. Alaric,who's a horse who has a human form (like Kitan's a wolf,Ikki's a pheonix,Eros' s pegasus and Madeline's a unicorn),that has no background story.All of my O.Cs have a background story,but Alaric.I guess I never really thought about his thoroughly as what it would be.
Before it was spotty like he was a soldier that found Haru and Yokko as orphans.However,that was changed when Leo came into the story and those two were no longer associated with Al's story.Althought the idea of him being a soldier will remain since it fits him.

I was thinking that he was a wild horse before.Belonging to no one and owning his own territory.He would be ruthless and headstrongSpirit face .And without copying the story of the antagonist of the movie (which just finished as I got to this sentence), Alaric resided in the forest of China living wild and free with no one tying him down or standing in his way.Before who he was today,he was quite the bully and tough.He was the notorious dark horse in his youth and he had many followers.Did he have women(or mares rather)? No.He thought them inferior to himSpirit4  though he was popular with them. A lady- no,sorry mare-killer as he is the only one of his kind to inherit the true raven black coat with no hint of brown.Pure black.However,he had a secret that even he kept to himself.He was the only one in his herd to change into a human (or was he? Idk yet.I'm a little brain dead atm).Learning of this he was cast out of the herd and even his "followers" (or buddies) rejected him.Alaric didn't know how or why he was able to be as such.But before then,there was one mare he did love.She was a golden palomino named Nayra.She was a very beautiful mare and he didn't approach her because he knew that he would drive her away (he had surprisingly had well only around her)Spirit9  .She would often approach him and he would turn her away because he was scared to drive her away with his reputation and all that.Plus his "buddies" would deliberately drive her away,but he asked them to.One day,when he was alone, she approached him again and he was surprised. He didn't understand why she would.She told him his tough exterior was just a front to cover his soft side he may have had.He couldn't believe what she saidSpirit8 and became upset.She laughed and giggled often teased him and this was the start of their hidden love and they were together for about a year or so).He was deeply in love with her and she with him and they dreamed a day where they would have little fillys and colts.Soon,when that day came when he turned into a human,Nayla was in digust of him.She ultimately hated him and said he was a liar, a wolf in sheep's clothing.She bit him and even kicked him,but he was quick to dodge her kick. She never wanted to see him again and hope that he would die.Alaric was heart broken and left the herd in his human form,hoping to turn back into the horse he once was.He wandered all through the afternoon til it was night and he fell into a deep sleep in the cold night.He suddenly turned back into a horse and as he was going return to his herd,Nayra had found someone else and it was one of his "followers".He couldn't believe his eyes,and as for his mother,well...she went crazy and eventually...died.He knew from then on,he was no longer who he used to be.Later he was found by humans and taken in as soldier horse.He did his best to resist and even resorted to seriously injuring the humans,but was shot by one of the humans with a tranquilizer. He was taken in,groomed,cleaned and mane and tail cut to look professional.Alaric was often whipped,kicked,beaten,even food deprived if he disobeyed his rider.Al's rider was a drunk and abused him as a means to vent his anger on him.Alaric couldn't do anything because he knew it would only get worse if he resisted.Before he obtained his rider,"breaking" Al was most painful and rigorous.Because Al was wild, he never had a rider so breaking him was not an easy task.Many men had broken bones and others nearly died from breaking him. Even the head captain of the entire army couldn't break him and became paralyzed.So he planned to drug Al and mentally break him instead. This worked on Alaric and he was traumatically scarred for life and hated humans.One night,Alaric planned to seriously harm his rider without him sounding the alarm and this meant the death of his rider. Alaric played the part of an innocent and obedient horse happy to see him,until he was ready to get the jump on him.Suddenly,he stopped.Alaric was scared and suddenly fainted into a human.The rider was in complete shock and he fainted as well.When Alaric came to,he was still a human and had the idea of taking some clothes from the drunk,but cleaner ones.He put on a hat and was on his way to escape from the army,but he was caught. Alaric screamed and writhed from sheer terror of humans taking him even though he was human himself. They took him back to the army and to a special unit for those like him.Animals who can change into their human form.They were all soldiers and much older than Alaric.Alaric was frightened,but he did his best to stay strong.He shared a room with an older gentleman who was a foreigner with dirty blonde hair,a bit of facial hair and wearing black gloves.He looked around his mid-late 30's to early 40's.Alaric was only 18 at the time.The dirty blonde named Leon was lion and looked at Alaric and scoffed at him.Alaric knew he wasn't going to like him.After a few months,Leon took Alaric under his wing (or paw) and watched over him like his own.He taught Alaric everything (like changing back and forth to a human and back at will),everything except killing a human being and strangely gave him a hobby,the cello.A year later,Leon knew how to play the cello and Alaric often heard him play it at night.Alaric loved hearing it and it often put him to sleep like a baby.One night Alaric spotted Leon playing the cello and noticed his human hands were severely scarred from wounds and burns.It wasn't even a hand anymore,even so he was able to play the cello.Leon head Alaric come up from behind and instinctively reacted like his inner animal,a lion and pounced in him.Leon turned into a lion and was about to seriously hurt Alaric,but was put back into reality by the humans that shot tranquilizers.Leon was put in a solitary confinement (which was a cage 10 miles from the army base).Alaric was assigned to give him food since the humans sensed that he and Leon were close friends.Alaric looked up to him indeed,but Leon had what he wished to never get,PTSD.Alaric tried to talk to him,but Leon's animal instincts took over and roared and tried to jump at Alaric.The he had an idea to play for Leon with the cello.Alaric picked up the skill well and played the "cello song" (the only song Alaric was taught by Leon).Alaric played for Leon and Leon was calm and turned into a human.Leon called for Alaric to enter in his cell and he did so. Leon told him what little time he had left and and that he wasn't like Alaric where he was born an human morpher.He was an experiment.Alaric was shocked and Leon gave him his black gloves.Leon embraced Alaric and told him to escape from the army and leave him behind.He told him that he loved him like his own son,or at least he would if he could see his son again.Leon told Alaric to run before he could potentially kill him since his animal instincts were kicking again.Alaric nodded and thanked him for the gloves.Alaric was hurt but he ran out the army base and galloped farther and farther away,without looking back.A few months later,he was found by a young human lady named Miki (name wip),who happens to be a niece of a rather famous doctor.He was cared for by her and taken to the good doctor Kanzaki. Kanzaki took him in as well and gave him his current name Alaric.He liked it and as Dr.Kanzaki was going to examine him,he asked that he removed the gloves.But Alaric was defensive and refused to take them off in his own silent,but over bearing way. Alaric was very toned and a bit on the muscular side.He was as strong as a highland horse and his hair grew very long,but he kept it in a braid.Kanzaki told him about his family and how they were just like him (this was before Leo and the others.It was only Kitan,Shin and Ikki).After meeting Leo and then on,he gained a family that accepted him and two that was very close to:Yokko (especially) and Leo.He also had a great influence on Eros,but it was more admiration and great respect on Eros' side.Alaric favored him as well and wanted to look out for him as Leon did for him.

I know it rough,but I need sleep and will clean it up more later.I need to explain why he doesn't talk so much.I may just have to revise the whole thing,but the idea of him being a soldier as a horse and human also the gift of the gloves,remains.

Night pplonion head &quot;sleep&quot; 

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